Wednesday, November 26, 2014

so this happened....

A school board member in a school district near my house recently said, in a videotaped meeting, that the more than 20 kids with food allergies in her school should be shot.  She meant it as a joke, because obviously, kids who can die from eating a food they are allergic to is funny.  So is shooting a bunch of disabled kids, I guess.  The whole thing is mind blowing.  I honestly have no words.

Fortunately for us, Caroline over at is way more eloquent.  Please give this a read.  

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Child dies after trick or treating

This is just devastating.  When I read this article this morning, I burst into tears and cried so hard I couldn't stop shaking.  This is our nightmare, all of us living with food allergies, every single day.  The more I read about this boy, the more grief stricken I become, not only for the loss of this little boy and the absolute horror his family is going through, but grief stricken because it so easily could have been mine.  

This is yet another tragic reminder that no matter how vigilant we are, we can't control everything.  And that is terrifying.