Tuesday, October 22, 2013

there are liars out there....

This makes me sick.  Grow some balls and stand up for your child.  What is that child going to think when he finds out that his parents lied about his having allergies?  That lying is ok?  She doesn't think that a 6 year old knows the difference?  My child, AT THREE, knew how to ask about what was in the food he was going to eat.  ANY parent of a child with food allergies would give ANYTHING to have a choice of what their child eats.  This person right here is the reason why food allergies AREN'T taken seriously.  I know plenty of people who choose not to give their kids processed foods.  Sure it's difficult.  But they are good parents with a healthy moral compass, who *gasp* actually voice their opinions to achieve their goal.  What a concept.

The reason why the web page is not linked in here is because the enormity of the negative comments caused the blogger to pull the post.  At least that's why I assume it was pulled.  What was so troubling, though, was how many aggressively supportive comments there were.  The absolute douchebaggery of that mom is just mind boggling.  I understand that I probably could have voiced my opinion in a more..... dignified manner.  I can't help it.  This just pisses me off.

*ETA* *ETA again* I lie about my kid's "food allergy"
by Anonymous
Today at 8:11 AM
My confession today: my son doesn't have any food allergies but I don't like him eating processed foods when he's at school or a friend's house, etc. so I tell people he has a food allergy to eggs and gluten. That eliminates a lot of the processed junk that people will allow their kids to eat and keeps him eating fresh foods. Plus, I don't have to worry that he is getting food from people's homes that might be unsanitary. You can't know what someone's house is like.
That's my confession. I don't feel bad at all and my son doesn't know the difference. He is 6.
ETA: At the school he attends you do not need a doctor's note to document allergies or to be dosed with OTC medication. If we were asking for him to have a larger than recommended dose if he had an allergic reaction, that is when the school needs a doctor's note. There are so many kids at the school with allergies and intolerances that they take them at face value unless they are considered so severe that they would require an epipen. He has never been picked on for having an allergy.
When I refer to people being unsanitary, I don't mean the homes that he may visit. I know the parents of the children he spends time with outside of school and have been in their homes. I am mostly referring to parents sending snacks in to school for birthdays, etc. Our school allows homemade treats and I have no idea how clean of a home they may have come from.
I do *NOT* expect other parents to provide food for him. I am happy to send in alternate snacks to school, to soccer practice, friends' houses, and anywhere else he might be getting food. I just don't want people to give him food. I have never expected anyone to accomodate him other than *NOT FEEDING* him.
I know that what I am doing is not the best moral decision, but I am doing what I think is best for my child. There are plenty of women on here that make decisions about child-rearing that I find horrifying, but those aren't my kids so I don't honestly care.
 ETA again: So, many people have been saying "he should get treats". He does get treats....treats I make and that are not processed. So he isn't totally deprived.
Also, for those that are saying "One little treat isn't going to hurt him". I am well aware of that. However, you are literally making my point for me. That is the exact attitude that forced me into lying about it in the first place.