Tuesday, September 25, 2012

september savorfull

I really love that green box.  And every time I write about it, you will probably see very familiar photos.  I want you to experience the green box the same way that I experience the green box.  One step at a time.  

This month in the Savorfull box we have Red Mill Steel Cut Oats, a box of Better Batter all purpose gluten free  flour, Enjoy Life Vanilla Honey Graham cookies, and Mila Chia seeds, which I just now at this moment realized I photographed backwards...  

Every month when I open my box I am hit with such a breath of fresh air.  Savorfull not only lets you know what products are out there (and the products are actually really really good), but it makes living with allergies less scary. Here is a company that is devoted to living with allergies.  There IS a market for us out there.  We are not alone.  Thank you Savorfull!

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