Monday, July 30, 2012

up north

I just spent the last week up north.  If you're not from Michigan, you probably have no idea what "up north" means.  I have had snarky people (not from Michigan) knock the whole "up north" thing, but they're just jealous.  THEY don't have an "up north".  So what is it, you ask?

It is heavenly.  It is fresh air, great lakes, sunsets, trees, beaches, farms, stars, fruit stands, small town mentality, time to relax.

My mom lives up north from before Memorial Day to past Labor Day.  I have spent my summers there from when I was 8 until 18.  Unfortunately, I can't stay up all summer like I used to, but I try to get up there at least once a summer.  My husband didn't spend time up north as a kid, so it took him a long time to actually get it.

There's limited cell phone service, limited internet access, everything closes early, and if you go into town, at any given moment, there is a ready-made B movie scenario:  trout competitions are major events, parades are commonplace, night-time bonfires on the beach with high schoolers *gasp!* drinking beer, three fudge stores on a main street with only one traffic light, and probably more than a fair share of sandals with socks.

Our favorite B movie happening was when we went to a town 15 minutes away to watch fireworks on July 4th.  The town across the bay was doing their own fireworks that night too.  It was ALL the buzz about how "WE were going to have the better fireworks, hands down" and "there is NO WAY they will beat us this year!"  Everyone was so fired up, and we just couldn't stop laughing and shaking our heads.  Really??  Over FIREWORKS??

Well, as it turned out, the fireworks began, and they were lukewarm.  There were some "ooohs" and "ahhs", but only some.  I think the other town waited to see what the competition had to offer.  About mid-way through our display, the sky completely exploded.  BOOM!  KAPOW!!  The other fireworks had begun.  There was no mistaking it.  They were laughing at us.  Their fireworks were world class.  Ours were Indiana, at best.

And that's when the conspiracy theories began.  "Their City Hall is corrupt!  They spent all of the money for schools on fireworks!"  "But didn't you hear?  Their mayor told everyone that our chief of police was having a scandalous affair!  His marriage crumbled and that's why he didn't organize the display this year.  And he was the best!"

See?  B movie.

But look at that beach.  Just heavenly.

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