Friday, May 11, 2012

spur of the moment teddy bear

I am a hoarder.  I always kind of knew it, but since we moved back into the house, I have made a serious effort to move the way of purger.  (Unsuccessfully mind you, but a girl can still dream, right?) Alas, I discovered today that I am, without a doubt, still a hoarder.

Let's start at the beginning, shall we.

This morning, while making breakfast, I hear a couple of 4 year old feet hurriedly running down the stairs.  "Mama, where is my teddy bear?  The tan one!  Where is it?"  "You don't have a tan teddy bear, honey."

To that, my daughter launches into a full on still half asleep panic.  "No," she says, "I do have one!  Why don't I have one?  Where is it?  But it was in my dream!"

Ahh, there it is.  The dream.

"Ok, honey, well calm down and you can tell me what it looks like."  "She, mama.  What she looks like."

Oy.  Here we go.

She explains her size, "she has to fit in this bag."  The bag in question is about 2"x4"x4".  "Her arms go like this, and her legs go like this."  I wish I had a picture of her little body, perched on her pink cube seat in a slightly askew balance, arms and legs extended in all directions.  So I draw the picture, to scale, complete with eyes, nose, and mouth.  "No, mama, the mouth goes like this.  And it has to be brown.  The nose has to be blue, and the eyes are black."  Done, done, and done.

I drop her off at school, and plan to go to the fabric store after I give my son breakfast.  First, I decide to go upstairs, just to check, to see what I have.

And here we are, back at the beginning.

I find tan fleece, blue fleece in the exact same color as the chosen marker for the drawing, brown embroidery floss, and unspun wool from a project of years past.


I couldn't believe I had everything...  So I return to the kitchen, to my trusty sewing machine (because it is most convenient in the kitchen, serving the double purpose as a step for my kids), and begin.  An hour and a half later, teddy bear! And it was not so hard to do!  Very easy, actually.

I had such a good time making it, and I was so proud of the results, that I thought it was the perfect day to tackle my other project, my first painting since July.  Yeah, that wasn't as uplifting.  Not having painted for ten months took it's toll....  It wasn't bad, but definitely not my best.  Curious?

And now both of my blogs are connected.  And the circle of life continues...


  1. Hakuna matata, baby.

    And technically, a true hoarder would not use their sewing machine as a kitchen step stool for the kids. A hoarder would have several step stools stashed all over the house.

    1. Hahaha ha ha. ha... Um. Well... We have that too.....

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