Wednesday, April 4, 2012

fun with pipe cleaners

I absolutely love Michael's.  Everything about it.  I love the tchotchkes decorating the sidewalk by the front door.  I love the smell of glue and potpourri and wood that wafts in your face the second you walk in.  I love the paper aisle, overflowing with rainbows. I can feel my heart palpitate when I  stand, mouth open mid drool, in front of the wall of glitter.  I love imagining all of the things I can create with feathers and felt and eyeballs and buttons and beads and random wooden cubes...

I have a potentially unhealthy obsession, I know.  And when I have children in tow, the carrot just dangles that much closer..  If they want glitter glue, pipe cleaners, a bag of buttons, and crystal door knobs...  all I can say is yes, yes, yes, and YES!  Enter in those strangely malleable foam blocks you put in planters, and we've got ourselves an afternoon!!  Oh, and that thing with the pink sparkly mane and button body?  That's a unicorn.

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